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October 15 , 2006

True Blue Skies Takes Off with FrogTown Media

Cumming, GA —  Have you ever dreamed of visiting Australia? Do you love to fly? Do you want to put that hard earned PPL to work? Well, keep reading, because we can show you Australia like no one else can…from the left seat…in the air, as the “Pilot in Command”.

FrogTown Media is excited to announce the launch of!  The website offers visitors a chance to see and learn about flying tours avaiable throughout the beautiful country of Australia.  Experience Uluru (Ayer’s Rock), the Great Barrier Reef, the beautiful Southern Coast and more on the most unforgettable vacation of a lifetime!

About True Blue Skies
True Blue Skies is the brain child of Mick Keough, an Australian now living in the USA. During many “hanger flights,” Mick was continually asked, “When are we going to fly in Australia?” The more times he was asked, the more he thought about it, and the better it sounded. So, the research began! Could we actually set up the “Adventure of a lifetime” for pilots wanting to fly in Australia? After months of exhausting inquiries, and many sleepless nights on the phone to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, in Australia, “Yes!” was the answer and True Blue Skies was born.

Our US based office in Cumming, Georgia, handles all the front end customer enquiries, legal documentation (for Certificate of Validation), marketing, tour bookings and customer care.  In other words, we do all the work.

Our group in Australia gets to have all the fun! They also work very hard to make sure everything about your tour is perfect. Located at Adelaide’s Parafield Airport, our Australian office takes care of you from the moment you arrive in Adelaide: picking you up from the airport, transferring you to the CASA field office (were you pick up your Certificate of Validation), making you comfortable in your motel after your long flight over the pond and suggesting great things to do in the city of Churches. Our CFI’s will take you on your check rides and make sure you are ready to embark. Besides all that, they coordinate every aspect of your tour and make sure the aircraft fleet you will be flying is in top condition.

The entire staffs of True Blue Skies, both US and AUS, are waiting to take you on the ultimate flying adventure. So you can say to your mates, “I flew Down Under as Pilot in Command.” Come on and join us!  The plane leaves when you get here!

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