Over the next few weeks, Constant Contact will be releasing several exciting new email marketing features you might be interested in.


When someone is added to your contact list through the JMML (Join My Mailing List) tag, they can now automatically receive a series of up to 5 emails following their signup. This is a good way to make a strong first impression with new signups — instead of waiting until the next campaign, the first automatic response email will be sent after one day.  That’s a great way to make a connection while the ‘iron is hot’.  Another idea is to offer a freebie for clients when they sign up.  The autoresponder can automatically give the new member instructions on how to download their free item, like a case study, white paper, etc.

View as a Web Page

The Constant Contact emails you send out will automatically include a link to a web version of the email at the top of each message. This ensures that the entire message will be read and images will be seen. Many email images are either blocked or don’t render properly in HTML.  Providing this link allows readers to view the message in their web browser.

New Contact Capture Widget

The new Contact Capture Widget makes it even easier for you to build contact lists — new contact names can be added without opening your Constant Contact account.  You can also upload contact details, including phone number, physical address and more.

These should be released over the next few weeks, so get started now!  Check out Constant Contact with a free 60 day trial