There is no doubt that video can be a powerful sales tool…when used effectively.  Just Google for it and you can find numerous studies that demonstrate the impact video can have on your website’s ‘call to action’.

We’ve read a lot of slick ads and emails lately from firms saying they can ‘optimize video’ for search.  Ask them how and you’ll get some fancy explanations with some geek speak. Remember that search engines can NOT view your video. ‘Optimizing video’ uses the same key concepts of optimizing any other content on your website. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Search Engine spiders read text – Be sure to include keyword rich titles and links to your video.  The video page should also include keyword rich titles, content and meta tags.
  • Related Videos – If you show your users ‘related’ videos on the video player or page, you’re more likely to get additional views.
  • Embedded Players – Use an embedded video player since people will be less likely to click a link that takes the user away from your site.
  • YouTube is King – YouTube represents over 90% of videos viewed through a Google search of videos.  There are some downsides to using YouTube, for free video hosting and an embedded player, it’s easy to over look those.
  • Text of Scripts – You can provide a link to the text of the video script to increase your keyword coverage.  This is what let’s search engines ‘read’ your video.
  • Google Video Sitemap – Build a separate page for each video, with keyword rich content, and submit the video sitemap to Google. Yahoo and others will be follow Google’s lead and provide their own video sitemaps soon.
  • Remember your Call to Action – Slick video players and effects can be pretty cool, but remember your call to action. It doesn’t do any good to have the best video around if no one is buying your product or service.  Also, avoid overly slick video tricks that may look neat at first, but quickly become annoying.


Video search engine optimization is an important part of any video marketing strategy. If you’re planning to market your business or organization using video, surrounding it with the right keywords and other information can help it be noticed