Your business card is a critical element of your brand. And, fortunately, it is also one of the most affordable. Do not make the mistake of ignoring your cards; they have to work hard for you. Business cards must not only give a good first impression, they also need to keep working long after you have left them. They are like your mini-branding machines when you’re not around.

You never know when you are going to meet a potential client or customer. Someone you ran into months ago at a convention or yesterday at a luncheon may one day need you. Have you given them a good reason to remember who you are?

Here’s the catch.
You have mere seconds to get someone’s attention. How are you going to do it? While you’re thinking about you answer, keep in mind that humans are sight-driven and filter the world through our eyes. We remember colors and shapes first and foremost, words last. Graphic and straightforward will always create an impression.

Don’t be afraid to be bold.
Do not confuse being bold with being loud. Throwing colors, fonts and pictures all over your card with no regard for how they work together and what they are saying will just produce an incoherent mess. Instead, be bold by presenting a strong expression of who you are.

Always remember you are not limited to standard business card sizes and materials. Anything that fits within a 3.5”x2” rectangle is fair game. For example, a fashion designer could give out a card shaped like a garment tag. Or a photographer could print their card on a translucent material reminiscent of a slide or negative. Speaker Jeffrey Gitomer, for example, uses a coin with his head on it and the words “In Sales We Trust” as a card. You only need to see that one time to remember him. There are many, many materials available that are not your standard 80 lb. card stock.