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CUMMING, GEORGIA – January 03, 2010 – Frogtown Media Web Design, a North Georgia web design company based in Cumming, Forsyth County, today announced the launch of

About Solar Bat Leverage

Solarbat Leverage is the most advanced tennis sunglass lens ever developed. With its patent pending gradient, green tint, the tennis ball and lines are illuminated while blocking out damaging and often blinding rays of the sun. Although standard tennis glasses on the market have offered similar properties, Solarbat Leverage presents advanced technology with superior visual enhancements of a players most important tertiary targets – the ball and lines.

That’s just the beginning of the exciting features of Solarbat Leverage. The most crucial shot in tennis is the serve. If you can’t place your serve in the service box because of the blinding sun most of us have dealt with on the court, the point is over – your opponent wins the point. Also, when you’re given the gift of a short lob, how many times have you mentally chalked the point up as your own, only to shank the ball to the fence or dump it into the net because the sun was so bright you visually lost the ball?

Solarbat Leverage addresses an element of the game that has been neglected since the inception of sports related eyewear. With a darker tint which spans the upper portion of the lens, players have an invaluable advantage. As this is the portion of the lens generally used when serving and hitting overhead shots, players are not bothered by blind spots. The subtle progression of the tint ensures that no demarcation lines are detected by the eye; therefore, there is no visual distraction when hitting normal ground strokes and volleys.

For competitive and recreational players alike, comfort and security are key elements for playing tennis with protective eyewear. Solarbat Leverage offers adjustable, padded nose bridge components so that the glasses fit your unique cranial, facial and nasal shape. The bridge nose pads and temple boots are made from a unique temperature control grip (TCG) material that grips more securely with increased body temperature , helping to keep your glasses in place. Put them on and forget they’re there! Simply enjoy the final result of years of experience, research and testing for the absolute best tennis sunglasses ever developed. Never again have the conversation on the court with your partner, “Do you mind serving on the sunny side? Does the sun bother you if you serve on this side?” With Solarbat Leverage, now you can serve into the sun!

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