The current state of the economy has made things tough for everyone, but it has also provided a great opportunity for businesses to separate themselves from the pack and to pull ahead in the marketplace. While some of your competitors may be cutting back on their promotional efforts, you can apply some smart, back-to-basics marketing tactics and position yourself as a reliable and stable business that will be able to weather these challenging times, and will be there long after.

Now is the time to take a step away from the day-to-day aspects of your operations and reflect on what drives your business: your existing customers, your products and services, your competition, and of course, you! You know your customer base and position in the marketplace better than anyone, and you probably have a good sense of how to leverage those relationships.

This updated, expanded whitepaper from ConstantContact will show you how to put your sound business knowledge to work and create an actionable, effective marketing plan. Some of these steps may already be part of your strategy. But if you follow our path to success, your business will be stronger, and you’ll thrive in today’s economic climate — and position yourself to be even more competitive in the future.

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