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Is it Time for a Website Redesign?

Writing about the benefits of redesigning your website feels a little self-serving, but let me share some benefits of a website makeover.

Make it Mobile

It’s clear that mobile usage will continue to grow at an amazing rate, so making sure your website works well on mobile devices is a must.  Just a few short years ago, being mobile-friendly required creating a completely separate website just for mobile devices. Today, responsive designs incorporated in WordPress themes allow your website to automatically detect a mobile device and adjust it’s layout.  No separate mobile site or extra cost.

Update Technology

Website technology is constantly changing to provide a better user experience and to keep up with the latest browsers.  As your customers become more internet savvy, they’ll expect the same experience they’ve grown accustom to at large site like Amazon, Fox News, CNN, Facebook, etc.

Add New Stuff

Adding new functionality, like a photo gallery, to an older website can sometimes be problematic.  The new functionality can look out of place compared to the old site layout and design.  Many new WordPress themes already include the new functionality, so it’s often a better investment to do the redesign.

Embrace Social Media

Like it or not, Social Media like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc, is here to stay.  New themes incorporate social media, making it easy for your visitors to share, pin and tweet your pages and content.

Improve SEO

SEO in the past was an afterthought.  Designers and developers focused on the technical and esthetic aspects of your website.  Today’s website designs include SEO from the start and include it in the core of website technology.  I’m not saying a redesign will move you to #1 for your keywords, but every improvement certainly helps.

Update Your Look

What you thought looked great 3-4 years ago might be looking a bit tired and dull.  It happens to the best of us.  Shake things up by giving your site a makeover and include any new logos, colors and marketing ideas. through the years…

ASQ Atlanta 2001

ASQ Atlanta 2007

ASQ Atlanta 2010

ASQ Atlanta 2014

A well-designed website is one your most effective marketing tools, so take advantage of that by keeping it fresh, easy to use and easy to maintain.

A redesign is more affordable than you might think.  You’ve already got the content, logos, navigation, products, etc, so it will almost always cost significantly less than a new website.

Contact us today to learn how a redesign might be your best return on investment this year!