Watch Out for DNS Scammers

Several clients have called asking about an invoice they received from DNS Services.  The letter it looks like an invoice and includes your domain name and other familiar information, but it's completely bogus. If you [...]

Finding Fun Free Fonts

Fonts are a great way to emphasis the feeling or attitude of your marketing material.  Whether it's a logo, business card, flyer, invitation, etc, a font can really set the mood. There are several sources [...]

Attract Search Engines While Engaging Your Readers

Writing website content can be a tough balancing act.  We want to write keyword rich content to attract search engine crawlers, but how do you do that without losing your reader's interest? Michelle Wicmandy wrote [...]

Save Inbox Time with Outlook Canned Messages

Outlook users, if you find yourself entering the same things into email messages, you should take a look at the Quick Parts feature, which saves snippets of both text and images for easy reuse. Open [...]

Can’t find that perfect image?

Using images on a website is not only a great way to portray mood and emotion, but it also can break up text and make it easier to read. Most of us are not professional [...]

Frog Town Media Goes GREEN!

Remember when Kermit would sing, "It's not easy being green"? Well now it is!  Frog Town Media web design is happy to announce our web hosting partner is now carbon-neutral.  Politics aside, doing a little [...]

Using Favicon to Build your Brand

So what is a Favicon? From Wikipedia:  A favicon (short for favorites icon), also known as a website icon, shortcut icon, url icon, or bookmark icon is a 16x16 pixel square icon associated with a [...]

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