WordPress Project Details

Frogtown created a new WordPress site for Thrive316 in Cumming, GA.  The responsive and mobile-ready WordPress membership site allows users to track their Discussion Guide progress and automatically makes recommendations based on their selected Game Plan areas.  The site uses customized membership and ratings plugins .

About Thrive316

Thrive316 is an easy and natural discipleship resource that equips and empowers people to grow in their relationship with God.  This comprehensive resource contains over 1000 Bible studies and growing exercises to help people explore important doctrines, virtues, and practices.  It also contains assessments, coaching guides, indexes, and other tools to direct people to specific studies and resources designed to target and strengthen areas of need. Thrive316 is perfect for one on one discipleship, discipleship groups, small groups, family devotions, seeker groups, and individuals seeking to grow spiritually.