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8 Holiday Email Marketing Ideas for Nonprofits

by Frogtown

    The title of this article indicates this information is for Non-Profits, but there’s some great lessons here for everyone! ### ‘Tis the Season to Connect with Your Members and Tap Their Spirit of Giving and Giving Back by Alec Stern Fall is not too early for nonprofits to start planning their holiday email marketing campaigns. […]

    Geeks are Killing Your Business!

    by Frogtown

      Its easy to focus on search engine ranking and lose customers in the process.  Having great page rank is meaningless if you’re not making sales… ### What is going on with e-commerce websites? It appears that online entrepreneurs spend so much time worrying about website traffic that they ignore the customers who actually want to […]

      How to Market on Social Networks

      by Frogtown

        We found this great article this month on how to effectively market your business or organization on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. I’ll admit there’s a lot of non-sense on these sites, but you can effectively use them to sell the ‘personality’ of your business. ### How to Market on Social Networks Online […]

        Get Results With Great Content

        by Frogtown

          1. Choose the Right Author I once worked for a company who let their web programmers write the instructions for their online ordering process. Big mistake. If their audience were programmers as well, this might be okay. But most of their customers had limited technical skills. So when these people encountered online instructions such as […]

          Free and Low Cost Business Cards

          by Frogtown

            If you’re looking for affordable business cards, how about FREE.  Well, almost.  You still have to pay for shipping, so you can get 250 cards for about 6 dollars.  Not a bad deal! Visit VistaPrint for details.